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Percy Nobleman Beard Comb
Percy Nobleman Beard Comb
Percy Nobleman Beard Comb
Percy Nobleman Beard Comb
Percy Nobleman Beard Comb

Percy Nobleman Beard Comb


A comb for life. This comb is sturdy and strong and will last for many years with a little care. A comb to cherish and maintain! This comb is hand carved from Austrian pearwood. Perfect for beard and hair.

Made in Germany. Sawcut, hand tumbled & finished. Size: 2.5” x 5”

Care: Avoid contact with water. Clean using a damp cloth. Keep out of direct sunlight for long periods. Occasional sunlight for short periods of time is very good for the comb.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jay Tee
Laughably Big

It's...a comb. If you bought it as a comb - just a comb - you MIGHT describe it as a little small. Maybe. But only maybe.

A beard comb, unless you have a huge beard, is a small comb to tease out any dead skin and allow precise styling of a waxed beard and 'tache.

This is a nicely made, good quality small-ish wooden comb, with big, broadly spaced teeth. Not a beard comb - just a comb.

If you've got a long, long beard, fair enough, I imagine it's OK - although I tend to use a brush when I allow mine to get that big. If you haven't got a long, long beard, it's a very silly thing to try to use.

Bearded dwarf 98
Great comb

Very good comb for the longer beards ! And very durable


This comb tackles the biggest beards! Comfortable in use.

Best tool a bearded man can have !

Best tool a bearded man can have!
Really good quality comb!
Glides true your beard and gets rid of all the nods without breaking or hurting the beardhairs.
Overall a really good product