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Percy Nobleman Distribution

Percy Nobleman’s distribution covers a wide array of stores     and retail concepts worldwide.

Percy Nobleman’s top retail stockists include Boots, Douglas, Tommy Guns & Shaver Shop.

Percy Nobleman is also sold successfully online, through.            e-commerce channels, and barber shop chains as well as     stand-alone concept stores and perfumeries!


The Percy Nobleman premium look and aesthetic has     appealed to buyers and customers alike. This is never more   true when showcased with incredible point-of-sale concepts   like the Steamer Trunk.

Looking for your local Percy Nobleman stockist? Email and we will get back to you, posthaste!


Boots - United Kingdom.

Next - United Kingdom.

Douglas - Germany, Austria & Switzerland

Shaver Shop - Australia & New Zealand.

Tommy Guns - Canada.

Flaconi - Germany

Proshave - Denmark

Gent Station - Bhrain

Matas - Denmark.


Beard & Blade - Australia

Zalando - Germany

Percy Nobleman Barbershop - Malta