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Percy's Easter Keepsake!

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Percy's Easter Keepsake!
“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.” Plato.


Dear fellow Nobleman,

Good news! Spring has (finally) sprung and I can feel it in my step! With the news awash with sombre contemplations, I’m here to try and patch things up a little… hopefully, the good weather will do the rest!

Last year, after many long evenings, the idea of a “keepsake box” came to me. I thought, wouldn’t it be brilliant if for each order we receive, we give a little something extra to share some noble cheer! 

Keepsake. noun. A small item kept in the memory of the person who gave it or originally owned it.
What is this box I speak of?


Percy Nobleman’s Keepsake Box is a hand-picked assortment of the finest men’s grooming samples and miniatures.

This pocket-sized set is designed as a gift or keepsake, for you to pass onto a friend or family member.

In this ever-changing world, it’s easy to forget that small acts of kindness can do wonders. We encourage you to spread some kindness and give this box to someone in need of a grooming pick-me-up!

While we have been busy launching our new website (please take a look here) we have decided to include a “keepsake box” with each order, alongside offering 25% off our complete range, this bank holiday weekend!

Time to spread some cheer!

Happy Easter.

Your friend,