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Percy's Tips for Keeping Trim and Tidy at Home

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Percy's Tips for Keeping Trim and Tidy at Home

Good afternoon Gents,


It is my sincerest hopes you and your families are braving this peculiar time safely, keeping your spirits elevated and with the same care for those in your household and beyond that you dedicate to your beard.

If the beard is falling a little to the wayside, well, that I can certainly help with! It has occurred to me the amusement we all might have if I were to compile the array of lockdown mishaps befalling many a daring nobleman. Alas, I suspect it is the promise of anonymity to the outside world that nurtured this bravery. But for those who need a little more than cabin courage, as I am now referring to it as, look no further than this guide.

My first piece of advice is to save your regular hair cutting to the professionals who have trained for years. They will no doubt be requiring your customership when their businesses are permitted to reopen. Of course, there are still plenty of actions we can take to keep ourselves looking smart, and feeling confident…


Keep your hair looking trim

The hair at the bottom of your neck can be very easily trimmed by a partner with either a beard trimmer without guard or my Beard & Moustache Scissors, and the same goes for keeping the hair trimmed around your ears. The easiest, and most precise, method is by using a trusty comb to help guide you.

Have you wondered what you might look like with long hair, or a new style? Now’s the time! Give yourself some quality time to engage your creativity, there’s no harm if you later decide it’s not the look for you.

I always recommend, whatever the day ahead looks to becoming, starting your morning with your normal full routine. Comb, condition and style your hair as you would if not required to stay indoors. Normalcy can have its benefits, and your mental attitude will be all the more positive!


Growing your beard and moustache

Good on you, I say. The more bearded gentlemen the merrier! You are like to experience the dreaded beard itch, but do not fret, I have just the thing for you. Percy Nobleman Beard Softener. The actives; burdock root, willow bark and caffeine; are designed to improve both beard and skin health, and with a superbly moisturising base you will feel adequately soft and soothed.

You’ll want to keep a beard brush, comb and scissors handy to help exfoliate and style. Even just combing your beard each day makes a difference, and growth is all about marginal advances and patience!


Maintaining your beard and moustache

My paramount advice for trimming your facial hair is to proceed with utmost caution. There’s no room for rushing, bad lighting, exhaustion or glum moods, lest you want a greater margin for error and frustration. I always prefer to begin by preparing my space, a clean mirror and any clutter moved away -we don’t want any hairs attaching themselves to our soap or toothbrush!- and then giving my facial hair a proper comb through. This helps you recognise any length inconsistencies.


I have prepared some simple solutions below:


Moustache Trim

Use a fine tooth comb and a pair of Beard & Moustache Scissors to carefully cut in a sideways motion against your lip line, or slightly higher if you prefer. A little hang-over can be just as irritating on your lips as it is the morning after a well-enjoyed soiree.


Neckline Trim

Use your beard trimmer, without guard, against the grain of your neck hair to remove unwanted beard growth. It is my recommendation you trim up to your Adam’s apple, but it’s at your digression if a little above or below is preferred, depending on the shape of you face and neck.

This is also the time to tidy up your cheeks and snip those pesky fly-aways.


Beard Tidy Up

As aforementioned, start by making sure you have thoroughly combed through your hair. Carefully use your beard and moustache scissors to trim back any fly-away hairs. Slowly, gents, we don’t want to accidentally find ourselves with a patch of hair shorter than the rest. This is a good time to trim around the ears too if it’s getting a little unruly!


Beard Trim

The best tool for the task are your hair clippers, for an even and easy tidy. Using a high grade, depending on your current length, trim your beard in downward motions. Be sure not to go against the grain of your hair growth. Then simply use your Beard & Moustache Scissors to trim around the ears and any other missed spots for a nice and balanced look. You can also change the settings on the trimmer by switching the guard for a closer trim around your sideburns, or if you prefer a gradated finish.


Challenging Trim

Perhaps you are looking to hone your skills, or attain a more shapely style? My respect goes out to you, but this is indeed a practise which requires time and patience to master. Try using your bead trimmer on a 0 setting, with your comb to help trim and tidy up your beard. Without using any pressure, hover the trimmer to just cut away the tips of the hair.

For a finish which hugs your jaw line, you’ll want to comb your hair against its natural direction before trimming. Focus on how it looks once you’ve combed it back into shape, as brushed upwards would be quite the strange display. There’s nothing wrong with a little back and forth, because the result of carelessness is no beard at all!

 Start with the expectation practise does in indeed make perfect, and do your research! Your local barber may not be taking appointments, but they remain founts of knowledge and experience, and if you have established a personal rapport they may be just as willing to offer some tips.



Or have you decided to start completely afresh and remove your facial hair? Well, why would you want to! I am jesting, of course, there’s nothing that looks quite as sharp as a clean shaven jawline! Or, perhaps, using my Safety Razor? Paired with luxurious Shaving Cream you can achieve a close shave which smells as good as it looks.



Once you have placed down your blades, don’t forget to condition! Even if you are not so focused on shaping the last out-of-place hair, your beard will still benefit greatly from a comb through with Beard Oil or Beard Balm, or moisturised with Face & Stubble Moisturiser or Recovery Balm for our less hirsute counterparts.

As for those both bearded and clean shaven I say this; when the world is as bumpy and rough as it is currently, why add your facial hair into the mix? Invest in the right products, the right tools, and there’s one less thing to fret over.


It is my hope these tips will see you well down your self grooming paths, with the knowledge that myself and my team at Percy Nobleman are always available to help however you see necessary. And, not to forget, I am currently offering 20% off selected accessories for the benefit of your lockdown looks! Although the amusing mishaps will be entertainment missed, it is no substitute for your satisfaction.


Please stay safe and careful,


Your friend,