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Percy's Newest Innovation

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Percy's Newest Innovation

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity” - Hippocrates


Good day my fellow Noblemen,


And that it is! I am filled with joyous anticipation of what you might think of the newest addition to my beard grooming collection! 


This last winter I was shocked by the number of men I spoke with who were suffering a particularly brumal condition; beard-druff. Determined to develop a product that serves both the beard and the skin beneath, I set out on a new adventure…


And I struck gold. Or, rather, stumbled over a tree root, and after dusting myself off I remembered an old herbal remedy my grandfather used to swear by, by the name of burdock root. Across the world it has been named as a remedy for a wide array of ailments, from snake bites, to fever, to blood impurities, to skin conditions, to baldness, and more. Recently, however, I’ve found its uses to be in nourishing the scalp, and therefor strengthening the hair.


With one hero under my belt I set out looking for burdock root’s perfect companion. It brought me, conceptually speaking, to the homeplace of the titled ‘father of medicine’, none other than Hippocrates of Kos. He recommended willow bark as a pain and fever medication, and it would later become the foundation for modern aspirin. Why? Because of its naturally occurring salicylic acid. Now, tell me if I’ve made too many leaps, but salicylic acid is commonly used as a natural exfoliant with anti-inflammatory properties. Just the thing to aid the skin underneath your beard from itchiness and discomfort.


I couldn’t leave out one of my recent favourites either, caffeine. I’m more of a tea chap myself, but caffeine can do wonderful things for promoting healthy hair growth. Combined with a luxuriously soft base of shea butter, coconut and argan oil, I think I’ve made an ineluctable deep-conditioner to mollify even the most coarsest, flakiest of beards.


Introducing… Percy Nobleman Beard Softener.



You might have a few questions… Let me explain.


Who is the Beard Softener for?


Everyone, but of course! The Beard Softener will help to condition all beards of all lengths, and can be particularly helpful for those just starting to grow their beards out; beard-druff is incredibly common at this stage.


How do I use it?


Whilst this innovation is more than just your average conditioner, it embodies the role of one in your normal ‘shampoo and condition’ routine for your hair, with Beard Wash acting as the former step. Let us not confuse Beard Softener with Beard Conditioning Oil; it is not a leave in product.


How does it fit into my beard care routine?


That’s the brilliance of my Beard Softener; because it washes out, it isn’t here to replace another step. Just use it in the shower after your Beard Wash, and continue using your after-shower Beard Oil or Beard Balm as you normally would.


Why do I need it?


Because, my fine friend, no other product has quite the same effect, targeting multiple ailments that beard growers commonly suffer from. My beard’s never felt softer! 



Here’s to seeking the perfect beard!