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Beard Combs: The Whats, Whys and Wherefores

Beard Combs: The Whats, Whys and Wherefores


Hello again my bearded friends!


I’d like to take the opportunity today to talk to you about beard combs; specifically how they help you get the very best from your beard, and how best to use them as part of your daily grooming routine.

While you may think this subject is not rocket science, there are several pieces of advice I’d like to pass on to you that should give you an insight into the do’s and don’t’s of combing ones beard.


Not all Combs were Created Equal


Looking around for the perfect comb for your beard can be quite an intimidating task if you don’t know where to start.

From your bog-standard supermarket 99p plastic hair comb to boar-bristled brushes and from moulded rubber handles to fancy flip-combs, it can feel like a minefield if you don't know exactly what you're looking for. 

The first thing you need to determine is which comb would best suit your beard.

This can be concluded from the length, density and coarseness of your beard hair.

Thinner, straighter beards and most moustaches are better suited to fine-toothed combs.

Whereas if your beard is thicker or curlier then you should be using a comb with wider gaps between the teeth.

When I set about designing my Beard Comb I wanted to have the perfect amount of space between the teeth that would provide optimum usage for the majority of my customers.

I opted for an opening of 2mm which tapers down to 1mm further up the comb.

This caters for most beard types as well as being able to double up as a more than useful hair comb.



Wooden Combs vs. Cheaper Plastic Alternatives


As I mentioned earlier, combs come in all shapes, sizes, and materials from plastic and rubber, to wood.

My Beard Combs are made from hand-crafted tropical Pud wood - there’s a reason I selected this material when I began my research.

Cheap, plastic combs aren't ideal for beards. When using one to work through your beard there can be a build up of static which can have a detrimental effect, especially if you do this regularly as part of your grooming routine.

By using a plastic comb you will, in effect, be electrifying your beard which may leave it looking particularly out of control.

Static can cause your beard hair to look wiry and out of control, especially if used without specialised Beard Conditioning Oil.

Wood is an antistatic material and thus works with your beard instead of against it.

Not only that but plastic combs generally have sharper points to their teeth which can cause irritation to the skin underneath your beard whereas wooden teeth are more forgiving.



Percy Nobleman Beard Comb


The Optimal Time to Comb


If you’re serious about getting the most from your beard there are a number of things you can do before using your comb.

For optimum results first wash your beard with a recognised Beard Wash and towel dry.

Once your beard is dry, apply a few drops of Beard Conditioning Oil.

Apply to the roots working outwards, this will help to untangle any knots which may have built up over time.

Once you’ve applied your beard oil then use your Beard Comb and run the comb from top to bottom and from the sides towards the centre of your beard.

It’s important to apply either Beard Conditioning Oil or Beard Balm before combing as this will limit any breakage in your beard caused by inadvertently pulling at knots.

Using the comb with the beard oil will also help spread the oil evenly through your beard for a healthier, neater look.

It’s also important not to use a hairdryer to dry your beard after washing as excessive heat can also have a negative impact on your beard.



Additional care advice for your Beard Comb


Because my Beard Combs are made from tropical Pud wood they should, given the correct care, last you longer than combs made from cheaper alternatives.

Over time you'll notice that it will become slightly heavier and darker than when you first used it.

This is because the wood has absorbed the moisture from the beard oil you have used.

If you leave it in the sun for between 5-10 minutes each week this will help to keep the comb in good condition and rid it of lingering moisture.

You should, however, avoid leaving the comb in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.

Also avoid cleaning the comb by running under water, this may damage it significantly as over absorption may lead to warping.

Other Sources:


And that’s about all for now. If you’re looking for your first Beard Comb or are thinking of switching to a wooden comb I hope this has been helpful to you.

Finally, many thanks to you all for the continued support.

Please keep those emails coming in as we love to read them, and keep growing those beards!





P.S For a limited time we're offering 15% off our Beard Comb when purchased on Simply use the coupon code “BCOMB15” at the checkout. Head to our Beard Comb now!

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Why I’ve Released an All-Natural Hair and Beard Wax

Why I’ve Released an All-Natural Hair and Beard Wax


Good day fine Sirs, brothers of the bristle, warriors of whiskers and champions of chin-fibre!


Hasn’t time flown since I unveiled my Moustache Wax to the world?

I’m proud to announce that since then I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to develop my brand new beard and hair wax, and today I’ll be explaining a little about the creative process, what it is and also how to achieve the best results when using it.


So what exactly is it?


My new Gentleman’s Styling Wax is a fine blend of Beeswax, Coconut and Jojoba oils hand-crafted to create a multi-purpose hard wax with the aim of achieving a slick, traditional hold for your hair and beard.

Even better still, it’s been designed so that not only will it leave you in control of your hair, it’s also re-workable so that you can style and re-style at will, even when you’re on the go.

The fine blend of all-natural ingredients that make up my new wax is finished off with a pleasant hint of bergamot, so your hair will not only look good but smell great too.

Where some products of a similar nature on the market can leave a sticky residue, my pocket-sized companion will leave your hair clean and clear of gunk all day long.

In short, if you’ve been scouring the market for a natural product for your hair and beard that leaves you in full control with minimal fuss, then look no further.

The answer is Percy’s Gentleman’s Styling Wax. Game, Set, and Match.


Beard Wax Vs. Moustache Wax: Deconstructing a common myth 


One question I get asked a lot is: ‘Percy, aren’t beard and moustache waxes much of a muchness?’.

The answer is both yes and no.

Whilst both my moustache and beard waxes are essentially beeswax-based, there’s a subtlety to the formula between the ingredients of the two that defines their use.

The ingredients I have selected for my new beard and hair wax were specifically chosen and tested to achieve success on slightly longer hair for a firm, slick, traditional hold.

Whilst both waxes are built with the same principals in mind, my new Gentleman’s Styling Wax has been created with a slightly softer formula due to the composition of the oils.


Percy Nobleman's Gentleman's Styling Wax


It’s the infusion of coconut oil that really sets the difference between the two, as on warming up my new wax in your hands it becomes workable in seconds.

My beard and hair wax is specifically designed for the purposes of styling and re-styling on-the-go, whereas my moustache wax is constructed from a more robust formula unsuited for longer hair.

Using the Gentleman’s Styling Wax results in a very natural looking finish.

You’ll be in full control of your beard, and it won't look like it's full of product. What more could you ask for?

It's always important to be prepared...and even more important to be using the right products for the right purpose.

My waxes and oils are gentlemen’s tools, studiously designed with a very specific purpose in mind.

If you want to achieve the best results then you’ll need to arm yourself accordingly.


Beware The Parabens My Son


Here at Percy Nobleman my customers always come first, and nothing is more important to me than making sure all my products are tested throughly before release.

You may have heard the word ‘parabens’ knocking on the news or social media recently.

These are nasty chemicals found in certain cosmetics that have been linked to all sorts of ailments and disease.

Fear not though my bearded friends, I have never and will never include such rot in my products.

All my ingredients are lab-tested to make sure of this, and my new wax is made from 99% natural ingredients, so you won’t find anything untoward in there!


Tips and Tricks


In terms of preparation, I find the best thing to do is heat up the tin for a few moments with a hair-dryer or leave to warm for a while on a radiator.

Use our wax in your hair in conjunction with Percy Nobleman’s Beard Conditioning Oil. This will give an incredible shine and hold to your hair.

Scoop the wax out with the back of your thumbnail and warm in your hands before application.


A Final Word of Thanks


Finally, I'd like to give a huge thank you to all my bearded brothers and moustached maestros for your continued support.

I’d love to know what you make of my latest product, so once you’ve used it drop me an email to let me know of your experiences.



Until next time.





P.S For a limited time we're offering 15% off our Gentleman's Styling Wax when purchased on Simply use the coupon code “SWAX15” at the checkout. Head to our Gentleman's Styling Wax now!

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Beard Oil vs Beard Balm

Beard Oil vs Beard Balm


When it comes to our Beard Balm, the question we seem to get asked the most is “What is the difference between your oil, and your balm?” 

Or similarly, “When do I use the balm? And can you use both the oil and balm in conjunction together?”

Now, although the title indicates a battle between the two products with only one winner, I thought instead i’d write a blog post clearly indicating the differences between the balm and oil and what to use when, along with some useful grooming tips & tricks.


Ingredients & appearance 


This is going to sound obvious but the oil is essentially, a blend of oils, while the balm includes a mixture of both oils (e.g Jojoba & Babassu) and natural Shea butter and Beeswax.

The balm is similar in texture to a natural lip balm or light hair wax, which when heated up in your hands turns into a oily smooth paste.

The oils in both products are used to help treat beard itch and the flakey skin underneath your beard, along with working as deep conditioning agents.

This ultimately softens, tames and aid the natural growth of your beard.

The shea butter and beeswax in the balm also help to condition while offering further control and a light hold.


When to use beard balm & oil


I would advise men in the early stages of their beard growth (months 1-3) to strictly only use beard oil.

This is because the oil is much lighter and works better at softening your stubble or shorter beard.

Applying it each morning, along with regular trimming and combing is a great way to get started.

At this stage, using a beard wash every other day will also help your growing beard feel permanently fresh and clean.


When to introduce beard balm?


Beard balm includes shea butter & wax along with heavier oils. Because of this I would suggest using it when your beard reaches at least 1.5 inches in length.

At this stage your beard will start to become very dense, and also may need the help of the wax in the balm to control any fly away hairs. 

The balm is a denser substance so should be used hand in hand with thicker and coarse beards. The oil is lighter, and can be used more liberally as your confidence grows in the product.

Percy Noblelman Beard Balm


Can I use beard balm & oil together?


The short answer is, yes.

Daily I receive many questions from customers reaching out asking for help and advice on their quest to grow and maintain their beards.

I love this, it’s one of the perks of the job. However, one point that rings true with nearly every single answer I give is, “trial and error”.

Each and every beard is different and needs a special routine tailored to suit your personal grooming needs.

We have helped somewhat with this, in releasing products that are designed to work together to help you achieve your ideal grooming routine.

With this in mind, here are some brief suggestions on how you could use the products together.


1. After showering each day, apply a small amount of our beard oil working mainly to the roots. Then apply a small amount of our balm to the outside of your beard, treating it like a light wax to give it that desired hold.


2. Apply one in the morning and the other at night. This is simply down to personal preference, and may be suitable to beards that are particularly coarse and troublesome, along with the consideration of which aftershave you may be wearing that day.


3. Apply on alternate days, or simply stick with your favourite!


Tips & Tricks


- Scoop our balm out using the back of your thumb nail like an ice cream scoop. Then warm it up in the palm of your hand before applying.


– Use our oil in your hair in conjunction with our soon to be realised natural styling wax. This will give an incredible shine and hold to your hair.


– For weekend travel, take just the balm with you. It’s less likely to spill and cause a mess in your wash bag.


– In need of an impromptu shoe shine? I often use our balm on my leather shoes when in a rush and on the go. It includes similar ingredients to the famous oils & waxes available by Dr. Martens in their shoe care products.


– Dry & cracked skin or lips? All our products work great to help with a multitude of minor ailments. You can use our balm on your dry lips, while a couple of drops of our oil in the bath always go down a treat!


For any questions you may have please contact, and for future product discounts, grooming tips and more, please sign up to our mailing list. You can do so by scrolling to the bottom of our homepage.






P.S For a limited time we're offering 15% off our Beard Balm when purchased on Simply use the coupon code “BALM15” at the checkout. Head to our Beard Balm now!

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November’s Review Of The Month

“Dash it all!” I cried as I surveyed myself in the mirror.
“Sir?” Jeeves, as he so often did, appeared by my side in my moment of need. “Is there something the matter?” He inquired calmly.
“As a matter of fact Jeeves, there is, hence my exclaim of ‘ Dash it all!’ not a moment ago.”
“Indeed sir.”
“Indeed, indeed Jeeves. Just look at it!”
“Pray tell Sir, what is it you wish me to look at?” Without changing a muscle on that implacable face of his I could tell that he could tell what it was I wanted him to look at, so I told him so.
“Even without changing a muscle on that implacable face of yours Jeeves, I can tell that you can tell what I want you to look at – my beard Jeeves! My dash-it-all beard!”
“Beard Sir? I was unaware that one had a beard Sir. I was under the impression that a stray mongrel dog had taken up residence on one’s face Sir.”
Now, never let it be said that Jeeves was unafraid to tell a man when he thought a faux pas had been made in one’s grooming or fashion habits. But this was too far even for Jeeves!
“Oh now come on Jeeves! This is a manly beard if ever there was one, they are all the rage in the city. A man without a beard in this day and age is likely to find himself the object of ridicule as he walks down the street if his face is as unadorned as that of a small boy!”
“Indeed Sir.” Jeeves replied, continuing to study the sturdy growth of hair that had grown upon one’s jaw.
“But look at it,” I said gesturing to the mirror, which gestured back. “Hairs are sticking out at all angles and to the touch you would be mistaken for thinking that it was dry hay!”
“I believe I have the answer Sir; shaving it off would solve the problem.”
“Never Jeeves! Never in my days!” I exclaimed vehemently.
“In that case Sir, I would suggest this…” From within one of the inside pockets of his jacket that he kept for emergencies such as this, Jeeves produced a small brown bottle for my perusal.
“What’s this then – a cure-all? A tonic for what ails you?”
“Beard oil Sir. To be more precise, ‘Percy Nobleman’s Beard Oil’ Sir.”
“Percy Who’s What Oil?”
“Percy Nobleman’s Beard Oil Sir. With regular applications this oil will not only tame but soften the hairs of a gentleman’s beard, thereby producing something that does not look as if a stray mongrel dog has taken up residence on one’s face.”
Before striking up a complaint against Jeeves description of his employers beard I paused and looked at the bottle in my hand once again. Time and again Jeeves had proven himself right in matters too many to mention. Why should this matter be any different?
“Very well Jeeves.” I sighed, resigning to my fate. “ I shall try this Percy’s oil upon my fizzog. But I expect results Jeeves!”
“Very good Sir, I have every faith that it shall indeed provide the result that you wish for.”


I stormed into my residence like the God of Thunder himself.
“Is something the matter Sir?” Jeeves asked calmly as he paused in his task of polishing the silverware.
“You’re right in your assumption Jeeves!” I cried, throwing my coat over the nearest thing I could find for a coat stand, namely the settee. “I’ve had a frightful day all thanks to your Percy Nobleman’s Beard Oil!”
“Did it not tame your hair Sir? Leave it softer, healthier looking?” He inquired.
“Well of course it did Jeeves! So soft and attractive looking that the gals couldn’t keep their hands off the blasted thing! Dash it all – thanks to that oil on my manly beard I’ve only gone and gotten engaged!”

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